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Unpredictable simplicity

An inaudible whisper, a simple syllable for dominating complex dissertations and simple, solitary citations alike.

A minimalist, elegant container for revealing, while also concealing, the secret of opposites by protecting the place where light meets, evading the laws of nature.

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Technical Features

Dual-emission indoor luminaire for ceiling and wall installation, manufactured in anodised paintable aluminium.
Available in a Led version and a G9 halogen lamp version requiring no transformer.

Halopin Halo G9 220V 1x60W Max
2P + T 10/16 A pin socket Led G9 220V 1x3W Max
  • anodizzato alluminio

    Aluminum / anodized

  • bianco anodizzato

    White / anodized

  • Sabbia bianco

    Sand / white

  • Kaki Bianco

    Khaki / white

  • beige bianco

    Beige / white

  • Tortora Nero

    Taupe / black

  • Ardesia bianco

    Slate / white

  • Verdeacqua Bianco

    teal / white

  • bianco alluminio

    White / aluminum

  • Nero Bianco

    Black / white

  • Colori Personalizzati

    Custom colors

Produced in complionce with EC directives.
apparecchi predisposti montaggio diretto
Luminaires suitable for direct mounting on flammable surfaces.
Protect against solid objects bigger than 12mm. Not protected from water.
-Classe I (Solo isolamento fondamentale; inoltre le parti conduttrici accessibili sono collegate ad un conduttore di terra. Messa a terra: tassativa).
Class I (Only basic insulation, accessible conductors are earthed.Earthing: compulsory).
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