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The shape of illusion

A rigorous aesthetic sustained by mathematical cognition to delude the gaze and elude the rules of the universe. A paradoxical encounter of lines to give shape to the illusion.


Aleksejs Tripuks

Technical Features

LED lamp with a minimalist design and diffused light that leaves the task of completing the geometry to the imagination. A painted extruded aluminium frame, 15x15 cm, with LEDs incorporated on the edges of its simple metal structure. It can be perceived, but doesn’t alter the visual continuity of the environment, creating an intimate and discreet atmosphere.
Suspension / Free placement
24Vdc: Led 1x14,4W included
  • Nero


  • bianco


  • Gold

classe 3
Class III (Very low safety supply tension; not to be used over 50V - 50Hz -.Earthing: excluded)
Produced in complionce with EC directives.
apparecchi predisposti montaggio diretto
Luminaires suitable for direct mounting on flammable surfaces.
Protect against solid objects bigger than 12mm. Not protected from water.